Our Dairy Farmers
Are Our Strength

We are proud to be a positive force in the lives of 100,000+ dairy farmers.

When we first started offering milk & milk-based products, we asked ourselves a simple question: How do we make sure that our products are of the highest quality?

The answer was equally simple: high-quality raw material.

For us, the raw material was milk and the vital link responsible for ensuring its quality was the dairy farmer. As a company that wished to improve the health of its consumers and the lives of its growing family of dairy farmers, we set up the Gyan Village Level Collection Centres in order to streamline the process of milk collection and offer assistance to dairy farmers in business.

The Association of Gyan and Dairy Farmers

By the Numbers

Gyan Dairy - New Healthy Milk

2700+ Village
Level Collection Centres

Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers

2-3 Animals Per Farm

2-3 Milch
Animals Per Farm

Daily Milk Collection - 2 Times

2 Times
Daily Milk Collection

Gyan Choupals - Door to door services by farmers

Gyan Choupals- Our door to door services for dairy farmers

As a part of our commitment to the growth and success of dairy farmers, we have initiated a one-of-its-kind personalized service for them and for their animals’ welfare. We call it the Gyan Choupal.

Under it, we conduct door-to-door visits to the households of dairy farmers accompanied by veterinary doctors and extension officers. This has been a great help to the dairy farmers; they have reportedly gained rich knowledge on a relevant areas which, in turn, has enabled them to take good care of their animals.

We also provide them with a host of other services and facilities.

Balanced cattle feed

Fodder seeds


Area-specific mineral mixture


Artificial insemination through semen obtained from pedigreed bulls

Loans and insurance
in liaison with the U.P. Livestock Development Board

Clinical advisory services

Insurance in a liason with the U.P. Livestock Development Board

Gyan Fresh Door Delivery
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