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Where does it begin?

When we first started producing milk products, we asked ourselves a simple question: how do we make sure that our products are of the highest quality? The answer was equally simple: high quality raw material.

For our products, the raw material is, quite obviously, milk. And who is responsible for that? The farmers and their cows. We understood early on that it was more than just a matter of raw products. We established Gyan Village Level Collection Centres not just with a purpose of collecting milk but also to help farmers lead their lives and businesses better.

Today our Gyan family has expanded and how!

Village level Collection centers


An average
of 2-3

milch animals

2 times

Gyan Choupals
Door to Door Service

While we like the idea of collecting milk directly from the producers, we understand that collecting and exchanging information also works better with the same approach. Every once in awhile, we conduct door to door visits to our farmers’ households with veterinary doctors and extension officers. These Gyan Choupals, as they’ve come to be known, have been very helpful for our farmers.

And that is just the start. We also provide our farmers with various services and facilities such as balanced cattle feed, fodder seeds, artificial insemination through semen obtained from pedigreed bulls, area specific mineral mixture, de-worming, vaccination, as well as loans and insurance in liaison with the U.P. Livestock Development Board, and other clinical advisory services.

Balanced cattle feed

Fodder seeds

Clinical advisory services



Area specific mineral mixture

Artificial insemination through semen obtained from pedigreed bulls

Loans in liason with the UP Livestock Development Board

Insurance in liason with the UP Livestock Development Board

And that is just the start.

Education and Progress

Progress cannot be made without education. It requires learning, whether through a conversation in a room full of experts, or through an experience somewhere out in the fields. Keeping that in mind, we conduct various types of awareness programs and activities to help us our farmers learn and know more about what they do. Our programs in this regard, include Milk Day, Environment Day, Veterinary Day , to name a few. Further, we organise Factory Visits and Animal Welfare Camps to provide a more hands on learning experience to our farmers.