The New Address of Freshness & Purity

Freshness & Purity –
The trusted foundation of
our Gyan Fresh Milk Parlours

Following the ‘Freshness Circle’, all the products sold through Gyan Fresh Stores are transported directly from the plant via insulated vans. They are stored at 8°C throughout the transit journey to keep them fresh.


Hygienic Milk Parlour
Takes care of your health


40+ Gyan Fresh Milk Parlours
Present in major locations in Lucknow


Experienced Workforce
Ensuring uninterrupted service


Fun Activities
Chance to win many prizes


Complete Range of Dairy Products
Here to meet all your needs

Gyan Dairy - Full Cream Milk

Visit a Gyan Fresh Store to be Surprised!

Gyan Fresh Stores are the city’s newest centres of joy! With frequently organized fun activities, contests and giveaways, the outlets are always buzzing with energy, bringing people from all walks of life together. We are happy to add more happiness and smiles to your lives and promote community bonding. To know when the next activity is happening at a Gyan Fresh Store near you, follow our social media pages.

Gyan Fresh Door Delivery
Get our products at your doorstep, every morning from 6-8 AM.
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