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What Is Your Aam Personality? Check Out Now!

Which one of the following movies, would you like to watch?

Which one of the following animal would you like to pet?

Which one of the following comic characters, you like the most?

Pick a hobby

What would you do on a Friday night?

Which one of these comedy shows do you like the most?

Which one of the following things would like to do on a vacation?

Which one of the following Khans, do you relate yourself the most?

And Your Aamnality is...

Aamdaar is a jolly Mango whose presence fills the room with a good humour.

As the name suggests, Aamnath is simple, studious and a religious Mango who prefers to stick to its traditional roots.

Aamster is the mischievous one who is always plotting a prank in his mind

Aamdabest, a highly ambitious fellow, who outsmarts everyone with its wit and will.

Aamlright, is a mango with a strong and confident personality that seems to prove it right everytime.

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